Year Two Modules

Professional Practice

At the heart of Illustration is the requirement to work to commission for a client - visually interpreting a message they want to convey to a particular audience in a given context.  Throughout this module our students respond individually or in teams to a range of creative Illustrative/image-making tasks.

We run an assignment titled 'Competitive Spirit' which is delivered in two stages: The Great Editorial Race followed by selection and completion of National/International Competition briefs.
The Great Editorial Race - where teams work together across 21 days to complete professional mock-ups of 10 editorial illustrations all to win some illustrated pounds and chocolate coins!

Kelly Walton's illustration for an article about borrowing  money

Megan Rodger's illustrate's Jools Holland 

while Briony Cloke illustrates Camila Batmanghelidjh

Sasha Seraia selected an article on sleep apnea - 

Katie Vowden's mock-up illustration - an article on Yoga as Therapy 

Dom Tsoi's mock up illustration for an article about dreams

Elliot Skelly's mock-up Little White Lies Cover - The Grand Budapest Hotel

Phill Darlington's short story illustration

In the second stage of the module, students select from a variety of national/international illustration awards - Macmillan Children's Book Prize, Penguin & Puffin Design Awards, Design Against Fur, Young Creatives Network Awards, D&AD student awards... 

Independent & Self Promo Practices 

As working outside the commission has become more popular, new spaces in which audiences can engage with illustration have developed over the last decade and self-directed and authorial (Illustrator as author) approaches to both creating and presenting work are explored by many Illustrators.  Work produced within this module is intended for sale so is carefully considered in terms of pricing, presentation, packaging alongside consideration of potential audiences, markets and outlets.

Deadline Day photo's for the Independent Practices module:

Ella Doherty's jewellery range

Pauline Reeve's pencil cases

Laura Week's first adventures with collectibles using resin moulds
Laura's limited edition red squirrel screen prints

Toby Allen's mini concertina books - Monster's in Hats

Hand-painted china dolls by Jonthan Habens and Zoe Binner
A full range of products designed and produced by Joanna Birkett 

A joker from Jordan Wray's pack of cards

Dan Budd's greek myth inspired limited edition screenprints

Self Promotion 

Year two students have the opportunity to research, design and produce creative self-promotional strategies that suit their particular aspirations.  Digital, print and portfolio outcomes are explored.

Chris Dodd's self promo mask

Micah Shaw's creative CV

A one day project to produce self promo badge packs

Haz Russell's creative CV

Sequential Image-making

Within this module our students take on the role of Illustrator as storyteller or communicator through the production of sequential images.  Developing their skills in exploring image-text relationships through visual narrative, they extend their awareness of the potential contexts of Illustration and the convergence of their practice with other disciplines, such as creative writing, graphic design and animation.  

Dan Budd

James Rae

Isaac Goscombe

Joe Griffiths

Kadi Vowden

Mikey Coombes