BA (Hons) Illustration


Illustration programmes at Plymouth College of Art offer a diverse image-making experience resulting in outcomes and contexts such as traditional publishing, independent books, zines and limited prints, through to online publishing and interactive, moving image outputs.

Throughout the programme students are encouraged to extend their drawing skills and the development of their conceptual thinking to progress towards a personal visual language and identity.

A competitive and demanding discipline, we value high levels of imagination and conceptual thinking, alongside problem solving skills and consideration of clients, contexts and audiences.

Interdisciplinary and collaborative practices are explored and professional aspirations are directed through opportunities to engage with national and international competitions and live briefs/commissions. 

Our aim is for students to develop a culturally curious attitude that keeps them aware of contemporary trends and actively engaged in creative communities as they pursue that ‘spark of originality’ that sets them apart from the crowd.

On this blog, you can click on the links to explore images created by students on YR1, YR2 and YR3 on the programme as well as work by our Alumni.   You can also find more information about us through our adventures and our creative inspiration.

Here are a few examples of some of the initiatives we have developed to enhance and enrich our programme over the last few years:

Pylon Press

Pylon Press is a support structure for creativity where as a programme we explore independent publishing through collaborative projects and self authored texts.

Independent Illustration Practice

Our ongoing passion for entrepreneurial practice explored previously through the Illustration Bureau, the Illustration Stuff Fair and the Illustration 109 shop and more recently shops in Drake Circus.