Native Makers

... at Royal William Yard this summer - our shop pops up again...

New Designers 2016

Hello Islington..New Designers 2016 is underway...and here's our space all ready to go...bring on the crowds!

Illustration Shop

Seaweed and Crabs surrounded the Illustration shop in the summer shows as the Shed transformed into a beach hut

Illustration Degree Show - 2016

Shed returns again!

Promoting our next shop in a shed for the 2016 Graduate Shows at PCA...all this lovely stock for sale soon...


Unpacking the YR3 promotional postcards as we prepare for the summer shows...looking mighty fine together

Fine treats arrived for the office today...

Final Deadline Day!!

YR1 Zines

The Earwigs Project - overheard conversations captured beautifully in these little zines...

Sketchbooks in Amsterdam

On the final evening, judging sketchbooks back at our hostel in Amsterdam

Amsterdam in Springtime

Read review by student Steph Parnell of our Amsterdam trip here...

From earlier in the year...

...YR1 go 3D again...

Yr2 prize winner: Paper Rose greeting Card Design Competition 2016

Huge congratulations to Yr2 student, Anita Yip, whose entry garnered  a 'Commended' within the Format/ Innovation category. Her work was selected out of over 90 entrants. 

Chinese New Year

A fantastic live brief - set by Plymouth councillor Chaz Singh and local Chinese food entrepreneur Lai-Yin Wong - celebrating the Chinese New Year/Chinese culture in Plymouth, resulting in four large banners displayed outside Plymouth College of Art.

Yr2 students submitted illustrations and after a shortlist of 12 designs, 3 were chosen (see above for Briony, Anita and Cosmo - the banner behind them designed by Illustration alumni Dom Tsoi.

See here for more info


I did't expect to be holding THE Shaun the Sheep today...thanks to Danny Heffer from Aardman Animation 

ADVICE from...Jean Jullien

Jean Jullien's top tip:  "Keep on working. Creativity's a muscle that needs to be flexed everyday."
(full interview here)

ADVICE from...Malika Favre

Illustrator Malika Favre advice for illustration graduates:

"Gaining knowledge of the industry, learning how to manage clients, deadlines and budgets is key to being successful. Talent is 10%, the rest is people skills, maturity, a good business sense and a controllable ego."

full interview here at Creative Boom

Mr Bingo was in today!!!

Here he is (signing our books) at the end of a great lecture/comedy routine entitled 'Do's & Don'ts of being a Creative'. Thank you Mr Bingo!