Year One Modules

Introduction to Illustration

We kick start the first year exploring fundamental illustration principles - creative problem solving and visual communication - alongside the manipulation of a range of image-based media, materials and techniques.

Micah Shaw

Dom Tsoi
Michelle Keith 

Yasmine Davey

Nicola Vine

Visual Narratives

At its heart, Illustration is storytelling. Illustrators frequently tell stories and convey complex messages or concepts through their image making. 

Kelly Walton
 Russell Melhuish

Jonathan Habens

Jonathan Habens 

Image & Text

Our students explore the relationship between images and text, and are introduced to the design principles of layout and composition, as well as hand rendering techniques associated with typographic design, with the intention of integrating both image and text within a design context.  

Jordan Wray

Angie Henriques

Katie Vowden

Katie Turner

Caroline Morgan

Sam Thorne

Building visual language

Throughout the first year, students experiment and evaluate a range of creative communication techniques, applying and manipulating a range of image-based media, materials and techniques.

Bronwen Wells

Sasha Seraia

Joloyon Snell

Jonathan Habens

Ryan Salter

 Megan Rodgers

Eliza Meddings

Cindy Arscott's three portraits of Jacques Cousteau

Jordan Brown

James Rae

Charmaine McDonough

Ali Dann timeline

Isaac Goscombe timeline

Jon Habens timeline

Students explore problem solving and creative play with a range of
 creative print-making processes.  Workshops consist of a series of experimental print techniques, which are designed to develop an understanding and awareness of the processes used.