Year Three Modules


This module provides our students with the opportunity to reflect upon where they are – in terms of skills base and previous learning & experiences - and where they want to be – from personal aims for the course to career aspirations/progression.  It is about re-evaluating their potential as an Illustrator and working outside their comfort zone - therefore, year three begins with a series of one-day 'wake-up' projects:

Dan Budd's 'Wild Swimming' illustration

Two very different responses to the 'Museum of Spectres & Spooks' one day project - the first from
Dom Tsoi, the second Jack Viant

Chrissy Vale's editorial illustration - about the invention of the paperclip

Jordan Wray's response to the 'Element of Surprise' workshop

Briony Cloke's response to a one day workshop to design a cover for Roald Dahl's The Magic Finge
Briony returned to this theme later in the module to produce a set of covers - here's her Fantastic Mr Fox cover

Chris Dodd's outcome to a one day workshop on collective nouns - an intricate Owl design

Lindy Lewis's response to the same 'Owls' workshop, her emphasis throughout the day was on creating different characters through basic variations of shape and colour
Laura Jayne Weeks - another one day project to create a cover design for Anthony Bourdain's 'Kitchen Confidential'
 The same workshop, this time Ryan Salter's design

...and here's another by Emily Watkins

Emily Watkins here again, this time with 2 characters developed beyond the one-day workshops


Professional portfolio building is at the heart of this module as our students identify routes into the Illustration industry and as part of their transition from student to practitioner they identify their own starting points for projects.

Jack Viant's menu concept for a Mexican restaurant

Katie Turner's British wildlife pattern

Caroline Morgan's re-telling of a WW2 tale

Kelly Walton's 'Wicked Arrabella'

Lindy Lewis ('he marched them up to the top of the hill, and he marched them down again')

James Mankiewicz - bringing those Yr1 Art & Language module hand drawn text skills to play in this 3rd year project


This module builds upon previous achievements and culminates in a body of work that demonstrates each student's aspirations as a creative practitioner. Alongside negotiated creative briefs, they consider ways in which they can establish themselves within their chosen specialist area and how to best promote their professional portfolio.

Dan Budd's ethical clothing brand

Jack Viant's self promo business card - a self portrait

James Rae's shortlisted book cover for the Penguin Design Awards

Detail from one of Lottie Woolnough-Rai's repeat patterns

Micah Shaw

Stu Harmer's live commissions - working in Los Angeles during YR3 for Newaza Apparel

Sasha Seraia - from her Seven Deadly Sins editorials

Angie Henriques' 'Made in Great Britain' greetings cards and prints

Sam Thorne's 'gig posters' inspired by thoughts and experiences as a student

Images from Ben Challen's wonderful self-authored narrative The Ghost Explorer 

Emily Watkins 'The Doll's House'

Jonathan Habens' final images of the course were an extension of his dissertation on representations of androgyny - here his portrait of male model Andrej Pejic

Laura Jayne Weeks ended the year and her degree with the splendid 'Sad Circus '